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Preguntas frequentes

  • What does your service include?
    We provide a personalized service, but in principle this is the general: - Coverage of the entire event.(preparation of the bride and groom, ceremony in the church, reception plus 1-2 hours after the party).- The price includes 2 photographers to cover all aspects.- More than 750 images edited in high resolution.- Private gallery.- Maximum 30 days for delivery of images.Depending on the package you have chosen, the number of images and services will vary.
  • How to make the reservation?
    An agreement is reached with the price according to the services that the client requires. The reservation fee is due at the signing of this agreement. To reserve, an income of 50% of the total cost of the wedding photography is made. It is a non-refundable advance that you must reserve your date. The remaining balance is paid in 2 payments. A payment a few days before the wedding, and the rest of the total after the wedding and before the delivery of the images.
  • How is the reservation of your services confirmed?
    A photography services contract and payment of the booking fee are required to confirm the listed wedding services from the photographer.Having the contract signed by both parties, you are sure that you have hired us for your wedding.
  • How will you know what kind of photos we want?
    ​We always hold a previous meeting, the first to get to know each other and see if we are compatible with our work and your needs. After talking about the type of wedding you are planning and the type of photographs you want, looking at our portfolio of images, we reached an agreement on the type of service you need. In a second meeting we discussed the planning and schedule of the wedding. With you or directly with your wedding planner.
  • How will you know our relationship with relatives in the subject of the photos?
    At this point, cooperation and mutual communication are important to achieve the best possible result. We recommend having someone who knows most of the guests, who will point out the key people to be photographed, whether it is a family member, friend or the wedding planner.If the family nucleus and the environment have complex family relationships, we require assistance in organizing family groups.
  • Some of the family and friends will come with their camera to capture some moments.
    The Photographer will be limited to the rules of the event, the Church or the place of reception, therefore, the client accepts the technical results of the impositions or limitations that they have. The Photographers do not accept the participation of other professional photographers. In a spirit of friendly collaboration, we suggest clients advise guests not to interrupt the photographer's work with their electronic devices while attending the event. Photographers are not responsible for missing event photos if guests continually interrupt their work.
  • How do we notify you of the key moments of the wedding?
    All wedding events will be arranged beforehand.Clients agree to notify the photographer well in advance of key events so that the photographer has time to prepare, e.g. cutting the cake, speeches, etc. Both the Bride and Groom will be willing to accept suggestions from the Photographers for any particular shot that will be the photographer's own style.We are not responsible for surprise moments that occur on the day of the wedding and we are not notified in advance.
  • Who owns the copyright to our wedding photos?
    The copyright of the photographs belongs to the photographer. The images taken by the Photographer are for the personal use of the Clients and their friends and family. No sale, publication, or any commercial use of the photographs is permitted without the prior written permission of the photographer. Since the digital files are delivered, the Client will not be able to modify the final work of the photographer through any filter or editing program.
  • How long does it take to deliver the photos?
    The work will be delivered a maximum of 30 days after the event as long as the total cost of the requested services is settled. The photographs will be stored in an online gallery for a period of 1 month, where they can be downloaded by Clients and their family and friends. They can also be delivered through We transfer. A USB will be sent to the Client's house with all the images. Image retouching consists solely of light and color adjustments. Any other retouching requested by the couple will be taken as extra work.
  • What happens but can you come to the wedding for external reasons?
    If one of us is seriously ill or injured and cannot provide the wedding services specified in the contract, we will reserve a replacement wedding photographer of our absolute trust. If both photographers are unavailable and a replacement photographer cannot be found, liability is limited to a refund of payments received. Photographers have working methods to prevent loss or damage to images.
  • What happens if you lose the wedding images?
    There is an unlikely chance that the images may be lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons beyond our control. In these circumstances the responsibility is limited to the return of the fees paid for the service or part of it according to the percentage of images supplied.
  • Can we cancel the reservation?
    In the event that clients cancel the event for any reason, the reservation fee is non-refundable. However, in case of change of date, the Photographer will attend without problem as long as availability allows it and is notified in advance.
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